About Us

Golf is a challenging and humbling game. My goal is for each golfer at VMHS to develop a lifelong love of the sport, improve his/her skill level, and compete for district championships. Most importantly, I want each student-athlete to become an honorable and hard-working young man/woman. We will demonstrate this every day in practice and at tournaments. High school golf allows golfers to compete as individuals and teams. Since it is a competitive sport, the expectation is every player will practice to improve skills and course management. Students who don’t desire to practice and compete against other golfers need not participate in UIL golf. Because we are a team, teamwork and unity will be stressed. We will encourage one another and assist each other to improve our games and perform at the highest possible level. Golf is ultimately an individual sport that requires an extremely high skill level to perform at the highest level. In order to improve your skill level, you must be willing to work on your own. “If you don’t invest much, then defeat doesn’t hurt very much and winning is not very exciting.”-Dick Vermeil